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Me goes splash! June 26, 2011

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I’m a happy Dane!


As promised, yesterday mum took me for a swim at Alqueva, near Monsaraz. What a beautiful spot of this huge lake! You get to see the ancient village of Monsaraz, with it’s castle walls, and water everywhere!






I love swimming and playing in the water, you know! Maybe it’s because I live in Alentejo, the hottest place in Portugal… BOL! And this last few days have been HOOOOOOT!!!


So, it was a lot of fun for me, who got to play a lot, and for mum, who got to take some nice pics and videos of this beloved girl of hers… Me, that is! 😀





And, for those of you who think I’m too ckicken to swim… Here’s the proof:





See? I’m a brave Dane, after all! You all know how dangerous that water thing is! But I’ve just tamed it!


So, to freshen up a little, take a look this videos of me swimming, running, jumping, playing… That is: being happy! 😀


The swimming…



The running and the jumping…



More running, swimming and jumping… and shoenapping…







And, after all this activity, of course, a well deserved nap…



Smell you later!



Dane Owner’s Checklist June 24, 2011

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Now, I just had to share this great list of “You know you have a Dane when…” with you guys… BOL!!!


How many of these have you got?


Hilarious slobbers!



My daily routines – Part I: Working at the office

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Finally I get the chance to tell you a little bit more about my lovely self… Enjoy the ride… 😉


I’m an office doggie… So, most of my days are spent at the office, with mum, doing some research to help her…




… taking care of her phone calls…




… and, yes, I do get to have an assistant of my own!!! BOL!



… It’s really hard work, believe me! Sometimes I just get sooooo tired… sleepy…



… but, there’s always time for a break to take a nap… Part of the job! BOL!



Wanna know how it’s like when I’m not at the office? Stay tuned!


Professional slobbers!


Dogs & Cats on Facebook June 23, 2011

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Take a look at this pawsome group in FB – Dogs & Cats for animals profiles only – and, if you’re not a 2 legged, join in!


C’mon, let’s get together and share our adventures!


Remember, 4 paws only!


Social slobbers!





More biggie…

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Once we’re talking big, let’s make justice to the biggest doggie boy in the world…


Guess what! RIGHT! Dane! And a very good looking one, too… 😀


Giant George… Check his site out…




Giant slobbers!




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Hi everybody!!!!


I bring you BIIIIG news today!


Seems like a Dane Girl is the biggest doggie girl in the world! WOW! Slobbers to her! Her name is Nova… Check her out:



Good looking, no? Of course! She’s a Dane! 😛


Read more about it here.


Slobbers 2 ya all!


P.S.: But, you can say it… I’m better looking, right? 😀



Very important clarification June 22, 2011

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It probably wasn’t clear enough in my last post, so let me clarify:

We’re talkin’ about birthday pressies… Clear?