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Soooooooo bored! June 22, 2011

Filed under: Colorful Spots — Milka [the Great Dane] @ 10:05 pm

Geee… I’ve sooooo many things to tell you: the sunset, the swimming, the walking, the noseball… but mum just doesn’t take her paws – oops, her hands, sorry! – from the laptop… 😩


I hardly got the time to write this tiny post!


Humans and that thing they do called work. BORING!!!

So, stay tuned… I hope I can tell you all about it tomorrow…

Leav’ya with a picture of me… BORED…

Me... bored...

Hopeful slobbers!

P.S. note for whom it may interest: My birthday is just around the corner. A laptop might be a good option… I’m just sayin’, ok? It might. It really, really, might.


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