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Weekend at the beach – Part II (Diva moment) July 29, 2011

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Hi my fwends!


Remember I went to the beach 2 saturdays ago?


So, in the morning, the beach… And in the afternoon I got my Diva moment: a photo session! 😀


Awww! I loved it! Take a look at some of the pics we got:



And we even got a visit from Michael Jackson. Take a look:



BOL! Kidding! Just my beloved aunt Stella!! Luv ya aunt Stella!!!


And luv ya mum!


They both pawticipated in the session with me!


And, a big smoochy kiss to the sweet photographer, uncle Nuno:



It was a fun… and exhausting day! When I got home, all I wanted was to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Oh… and sleep I did! 😀


Posing slobbers!



Weekend at the beach – Part I (The discovery) July 23, 2011

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Hi evewy pawdy!


A week ago I was relaxing at the beach… for the vewy first time in my life!



Awww! It was an excitement!


So many new things: the sand (vewy yummy, I might had!); the fewoucious waves; the cold and salty liquid they told me was water (yeah, right!); the vewy, vwey, vewy anoying seagull birdies; the tons of almost naked people…


And I made some new fwends, too! 😀





Oh, and there were also aunt Janna’s yummy tweats! Big slobber to aunt Janna and aunt Stella for having me and making me feel at home!


Take a look at my expewience at the the beach:




Later on I’ll post more adventures of that weekend!


Sunny slobbers!



My first victory! July 21, 2011

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Just won my first contest!!!! Aww! I’m so happy! Mum’s so proud! 😀


It was a facebook contest promoted by the ACCESSORIZE ME! group. Pawsome!


And there were so many great pics! Just take a look at the winners:



Congrats to all the winners and to all the pawticipants! Hope you had as much fun as I did!


Proud slobbers,



Me gets drawn July 10, 2011

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Today I got drawn by my fb fwend Tiny Thesweetestpup and his human Kaylie Welch.


Aww! They’re so good! I weally luv it!!!


Take a look:



Isn’t it awsome? Look at the details. They even got that piece of marking in the neck! And the nose is just furfect! 🙂


Luv ya guys! Thanks!


Happy slobbers,



Trip to the pawdycure July 9, 2011

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Guess what? Finally convinced mum to give me a pawdycure!!! Awsome!!!


It’s kinda boring doin’ it, though! You gotta stay still… and they gotta do each and every one of your 18 nails (jeez!!!)… and you gotta wait for it to dry! Not really a nice experience!


Awww! But I just luv it!!!


What do you think?







Polished slobbers!



Undercover July 7, 2011

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Me is undercover… Shhhh!





Coming soon: funny contest July 5, 2011

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Stay tuned every pawdy!


Me and mum are organizing a very funny contest… We’ve been working really hard!



Comin’ out real soon! Hope you like it and pawticipate!


Competitive slobbers to ya all!