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My daily routines – Part III: Playin’ with my BFF Pistachio July 2, 2011

Filed under: Colorful Spots — Milka [the Great Dane] @ 9:44 pm

Hi every pawdy!


Today’s “my daily routines” is dedicated to my BFF, Pistachio.


First of all, let me introduce him…




As you can see, he’s a lab… a very handsome one, actually! He’s 9 yo, very nice and very patient with my juvenile craziness… and a 100% momma’s boy! 😀


We usually get together at the end of the day… and I just love to play with him!


Unfortunately, we don’t get to play everyday ’cause mum sometimes gets late!!! Even after Pistachio’s mum told her he gets really sad when he misses us! And she knows I do too!


Mums and their busy life! *sigh*


But, when we get to play, this is what it’s like…






Crazy, right? 😀


We’re so happy together!


Slobbers to you all… and a special one to my friend Pistachio!



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