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My new stuffy: Miss Pinky July 2, 2011

Filed under: Colorful Spots — Milka [the Great Dane] @ 2:56 pm

My mum is the best!


She got me a new stuffy. Name: Miss Pinky. JUST LOVE IT!!!!!



No, she’s not blind. I just chewed her eyes off. Eh eh eh


She’s cute, right? Besides, she matches my new collar!



Yeah! I know! I’m a beauty! 😀


But, back to Miss Pinky, the best of all is: SHE’S ALL MINE!!!!


So, I got to play with her until I got really sleepy…



… and until she could take it no more! BOL



So, I guess we’ll both rest for a while…


See you l8r (at least, I will… BOL)


Pinky slobbers!



4 Responses to “My new stuffy: Miss Pinky”

  1. DaneDreaming Says:

    That’s a really cute toy Milka! Glad your Mom found it for you. You’re so beautiful though..even more than Pink stuffie. I fink I have a crush 😛

  2. You’re shameless! 😛

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