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New Year’s Eve: Legend of the Night of Saint Sylvester December 31, 2011

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Today is New Year’s Eve.


How about a legend related to it?


It’s about the creation of our beautiful island, Madeira.



And it goes like this…


Many, many years ago there existed a fabulous island in the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantis, and in it lived the most wonderful civilization ever. Its inhabitants, who Plato claimed to descent from the loves of the god Poseidon with the deadly Clito, had become so arrogant that one day they decided they would conquer the whole world. Their king even dared to defy God. Then God spoke to him and told him that nothing could go against the divine power. But the stubborn king challenged him once again and decided to conquer Athens. During the battle, the king heard the voice of God again, telling him that, to punish his arrogance and ingratitude, Athens would be victorious. And so it happened. And defeat was followed by terrible storms, earthquakes and floods that engulfed the beautiful Atlantis forever.


Many hundreds of years later, the Virgin Mary was bending from the sky over the ocean, sitting on a cloud, when St. Sylvester came to her. That was the last night of the year and St. Sylvester thought it should mean something different to mankind, to mark the boundary between past and future, giving them the opportunity to repent of their errors and to expect something better from life. The Holy Mother thought it was a very good idea and then told him the reason why she was watching the sea with such sadness: she remembered the beautiful Atlantis that had been sunk by God because of the errors and sins of its inhabitants. As she spoke, tears of sorrow and compassion dropped from her eyes because, despite the punishment, humanity had not repented.


Emotionally, Sylvester noticed that those were not simple tears felling from her eyes. They were authentic pearls!. Then, one of those tears fell into the place where the extraordinary Atlantis had existed, thus being born the island of Madeira which became known as the Pearl of the Atlantic. The old ones say that, for a long time, on the night of St. Sylvester, when the midnight chimes stroke, in the sky appeared a vision of light and brilliant colors in the air, leaving a stunning fragrance. Over the years this vision disappeared, but the people kept it in the famous Christmas and New Year’ festivities with amazing fireworks to celebrate the Night of St. Sylvester.



Hope you liked it and don’t forget to vote for the kind of legend you want next.



See you next year!!!


Festive slobbers,



Next legend: you choose December 30, 2011

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Ok, after Gerald the Fearless, what kind of lenged you want next?





Waiting for you to decide! 🙂





The legend of Gerald the Fearless

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My friend Bassa’s tales of Georgia’s Christmas inspired me to create a new category in my blog about Portuguese legends.


Me and mom have always been fascinated about the stories that go on and on through the years, centuries, millennia embellished by common people’s hopes and fears… stories that passed from mouth to mouth in times when reading and writing were a privilege that only a few could afford.


So, for those of you who share our passion, hope you enjoy the legends to come…


I’ll start with the legend of Gerald the Fearless (Geraldo, o Sem Pavor, in Portuguese), the “El Cid” of my city, Évora.


Évora has a very long history, dating back a couple of millennia before Christ. and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yes, it’s very beautiful and has a lot of monuments. 🙂 You cam read a little more about it here, as this post is not about it’s history but about it’s hero’s, Gerald.


And it goes like this…


The legend begins in 1166.


By then, Évora was called Yeborath and was still Arabic. D. Afonso Henriques was not happy at all. He wanted her as a strategic point of the reconquest of Portugal from the Moors.


Gerald, of noble birth, led a group of outlaws living in a small castle on the outskirts of Yeborath. Its ruins can still be visited and have a great view upon the city. To the present day, it’s called “Gerald’s Castle”.



Also known by the Fearless, Gerald decided to conquer Évora to redeem his honor and obtain forgiveness for his men.


Disguised as a troubadour, he walked around the city and outlined a strategy. He would attack the main tower of the castle which was guarded by an old Moorish and his daughter.


One night, the Fearless went alone to the tower and killed the two Moors, taking in silence the key of the city gates. On a moonless night, he mobilized his men and attacked the sleeping town that, surprised, succumbed to the Christian power.


The next day, D. Afonso Henriques received the great news with great wonder. He was so happy that he gave back the keys to the city to Gerald, as well as the sword he’d won, naming him Perpetual Mayor of Évora.


To this day, the city bears in the emblem of the cloister of the Cathedral, the heroic figure of Gerald and two severed heads of the Moors, in addition to dedicating the most emblematic square of Evora, Gerald’s Square (Praça do Geraldo, in Portuguese).



Even in the surrounding towns and villages there are tributes to our hero to be found, as in Valverde, near his castle, where we can find a stutue of him holding a severed head.



Hope you liked it.


Stay tuned for more… 🙂


Legendary slobbers,



Happy New Year!!! December 27, 2011

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Back to business!

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Guess who’s back to Facebook contests!



Yup! I’m back and got 2nd place in the ACCESSORIZE ME! contest.


Hope mom keeps her schedule straight so she has the time to help me with my social life!


I leave you with the collage of all the winners:



Congrats to all the winners and thank you all for voting in me!


Happy slobbers,



Got a Liebster Blog Award! :) December 26, 2011

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Hello my friends!!


After Christmas, I came to check on my blog and guess what I found!



I got a Liebster Blog Award from Luke the Greatest Dane. You can check out his blog by clicking here or you can find it in my “friends blogs” list, on the right.


This means Luke got the award himself and thought my blog was worthy of it!


I’m so honoured! Thank you my friend! You’re sweet and I’m really glad you have some good time with my adventures! Luv ya!


So, what is this award and how do you get it?


Well, in my research I found out this award is meant for small audience blogs (less then 200 followers)  and it somehow works as a way of bringing out of the box these small, promising blogs. The one who receives must choose 5 of his favourite (liebster, in German) blogs, the ones he finds worthy of the distinction. And so the word spreads… 🙂


The rules are fairly simple.

  1. Thank the blogger that gave you the award and then add a link to their blog.
  2. Reveal your top five picks (with less than 200 readers) and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
  3. Copy and Paste the Award to Your Blog.
  4. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers, and keep it going!


Now that you know what this award is, you can check out the 5 blogs I choose to give it to:


#1 – Tucker, The Confessions of a Maine Dane

Along with Honey’s (I can’t give it to her because I think she’s got way more then 200 followers, but she surely deserves the distinction!), Tucker’s blog was one of the first Dane blogs I found and inspired me in creating my own. Besides, I must confess I had a huge crush on Tucker! *blush*


#2 – Danes World


#3 – A Wonderful Dog’s Life


#4 – No Saddle Required


#5 – Kasha The Dainty Great Dane’s Blog


Of course I would also give it to Bassa (checkout his blog here), who makes me laugh like crazy and learn a lot too… but he already got it! So, honourable mention to you Bassa. 😉


Anyway, I could only give it to five! But, if you check out my “friends blogs” on the right, you can find some more. All of them are blogs I like to follow. That’s why I list them. 🙂


Hope you have as much fun as I’ve had surfing through these great blogs and reading about their lives’ adventures!


See you soon!




Christmas wordless sweetness December 17, 2011

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