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Friends: Billy January 3, 2012

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Hi everybody!


I’ve told you about my bff, Pistachio. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen him for a while, and I miss him and his mum a lot. She comes to visit sometimes, but Pistachio’s never with her… 😦


Mum’s schedule has been really busy, so she hasn’t taken me to walk and play in his neighbourhood… We’ve been doing our walks around home…


And, in these walks, I’ve met the most extraordinary doggies: Billy, a really cute and protective Dalmatian, and Maggie, the nicest and playful Boxer.


We play a lot when we meet… and when the 3 of us get together, you better watch out! First of all, I get so excited when I meet any of them that some rounds of zoomies are always guaranteed. And the best part is when some other doggies join us! Although Billy is really jealous and protective of his girls and doesn’t really let any other boy come near us, I manage to sprint from one to another and play with them all! It’s really funny and mum says it’s a great way for me to have some exercise cause I’m an office doggie. I wonder if she means I’m fat!


I asked mum to take the camera so I could show you my friends and last night we met Billy… So, I’ll leave you watching us play for a while. 🙂


We met Maggie earlier this evening, but mum forgot the camera (mums! *sigh*) and I don’t think we’ll meet her again tonight cause she goes to bed a lot later than us. So, you’ll have to wait a couple of days to meet Maggie too.


But for now, just watch me and Billy playing and tell me if he’s not a cutie!




Friendly slobbers,



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