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Playdate February 5, 2012

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Hi there!


So, remember I told you I’d meet 2 blue Dane girls? I did… last Sunday!


It was so much fun. It ended up as a human/doggie playdate.


There were 4 doggies, 4 human pups and 10 human grown ups! And there was sun and a lake! Yup! It was crazy and it was fun!


In this crowd: me and mum; Ju and Amy, my 6 mo blue Dane friends and their humans, Susana and Tomas; uncle Ste and aunt Stella, 2 of my office “colleagues” and best friends; aunt Sandra, my official godmother and office neighbour and her pup girl Maria, my best human pup friend; aunt Ester, my official babysitter, her pup boy Gabriel and her mum, Ana Maria, with her 10 yo Pekingese girl, Nina; uncle Luis, my true Alpha (please don’t tell mum, she still thinks it’s her) and office “colleague”, his wife Ana Paula and their 2 pups, Maria and David, the Jurassic expert.


Besides all the running, chasing, jumping, ball playing, hugging, tugging… we also had 2 impossible missions:


  1. The rescue of uncle Luis’ big staff (thrown in the water by our little devil Gabriel). I helped in this one… but the staff was too big to have any kind of playing potential so I left it there and the humans organized a rescue party which ended successfully with the staff resting in the car to recover and to be safe from Gabriel.

  3. The rescue of Nina who had locked herself in the car (with the keys in it) to escape my chasing. This one was dangerous! There was a human pup squeezing through an opening in the sliding roof and she had a tiny stick to get to the lock. Really dangerous and hard mission. But it also ended up well and Nina was free again to run from me. 😀


As you can imagine, by the end of the day all puppies (doggie and human) slept like babies… BOL


But, enough of barking… Let me show you some proof of this insane afternoon… Besides, you must be curious to meet Ju and Amy. 🙂


So, let me introduce you my 2 new beautiful and sweet friends:


Ju (pink collar & Amy (red collar)

Ju (pink collar & Amy (red collar)


Ju (click picture for full size)


Amy (click image for full size)


Lovely, aren’t they?


Here, take a look at some more shots mum compiled in a nice slideshow…



And now, some real action… 😀









Oh, revisiting that afternoon made me wish for more! Can’t wait for the next playdate!


Playful slobbers!



4 Responses to “Playdate”

  1. showgirl Says:

    It’s seems that you had great time!!!!


  2. What a great day out! Fab photos as well! Thanks for sharing 🙂 x

  3. Bassas Blog Says:

    Wow, that was one big fun day! 🙂 I love the pictures!

  4. Kari Says:

    What fun!

    Stop on by for a visit

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