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Mango Minster’s Too Darn Cute 2nd Place February 14, 2012

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Wow! I got a 2nd place in my category, Too Darn Cute, at Mango Minster 2012!


Can you believe it?


Here, take a look at all the winners:


Maggie - Too Darn Cute Reader's Choice


Mollie Jo - Too Darn Cute 1st Place


Milka - Too Darn Cute 2nd Place


Moo - Too Darn Cute 3rd Place


You can read all about it here: Too Darn Cute Winners post


And you can review my entry, here: Me @ Mango Minster 2012.


Mango Minster’s got to be THE CONTEST out there! And there were so many cute doggies running for the podium!


Click here to see them all.


See? So many cuties!


I’m just so sad our lovely Maggie isn’t around anymore to celebrate with us her Reader’s Choice! Though I’m sure she’s watching from over the bridge and she’s really proud and happy.


Anyway, you know what the best thing is? Khyra, one of out generous sponsors is offering an orphan doggie transportation in my name! How cool is that?


Thank you Miss Fiona, our honourable Judge!


And next Sunday it all ends for this year and the Best in Show results.


Stay tuned!


Proud slobbers,



6 Responses to “Mango Minster’s Too Darn Cute 2nd Place”

  1. Maggie Mae Says:


    We is so happy fur you and fur ALL of da winners!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  2. Bassas Blog Says:

    You should have got first place Milka – you are too darn cute! 🙂

  3. Jed & Abby in MerryLand, USA Says:

    Congratulations, Milka! We are very proud of and happy for you. Your win is well deserved. Mama is a Dane lover and she is so thrilled that so many Danes are winning this year! And you won an especially wonderful, life-affirming prize. Well done!

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