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Puppy boom… February 14, 2012

Filed under: Colorful Spots — Milka [the Great Dane] @ 9:17 pm

Yesterday was a crazy day!


I met 3 new friends: Nala, Yara and Duke.








The pics are not the best because mum just couldn’t make them stop for a shot. So, she had to improvise. 🙂


We played for a while and I got to know Nala really well. She’s a very sweet and playful (and fast and crazy!) pup! Not a bit shy or fearful! Loved her!


Wanna see us play for a while?



Playful slobbers,



3 Responses to “Puppy boom…”

  1. Bassas Blog Says:

    Nala is one cute and crazy pup – adorable! Great video Milka – thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. You are one lucky lady, meeting so many friends! Lovely pics and video too.

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