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Life full of adventure February 22, 2013

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Hi there!


Promised I’d tell you some more about my last months off, didn’t I?


So, if you know me, you’ve gotta know that danger and adventure are always part of my life…


Here’s some of the MOST DANGEROUS moments I’ve ever faced.


Attention! Caution is advised! This contains really scary stuff that could make your little heart jump right out of your chest! Warned ya…




Is everybody ok? No need to call 911 (or 112 or whatever suits you)? Ok. Take a deep breath… get some water… It’s ok now. You’re safe!


So, am I a brave Dane or what???


Corageous slobbers,



Wordless Wednesday… Just me… February 20, 2013

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Return of the Diva February 18, 2013

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Hi there!


For those of you wondering… that’s me… The Diva, I mean… 😛


Well my friends, I’ve been off the ‘puter for quite some time now. Why don’t I just show you some of what I’ve been up to for the last… many months? 🙂


Of course, I couldn’t miss the water! I’ve played a lot in the water…

By myself…


With my friends Ju and Amy…


With my friend Billy…


And, sometimes, BY the water (too cold to go in!)…


But, that’s not all I’ve been doing… Stay tuned for more!


Watery slobbers,