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Coming soon: funny contest July 5, 2011

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Stay tuned every pawdy!


Me and mum are organizing a very funny contest… We’ve been working really hard!



Comin’ out real soon! Hope you like it and pawticipate!


Competitive slobbers to ya all!


Breaking News: Miss Pinky has ouchie! July 3, 2011

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I just gave Miss Pinky a really bad ouchie!


When Mum got there, much of her insides were out! Mum’s put them back in and is gonna stitch her up.



Yeah… Mums do have a bit of a nurse in them! I have faith in you Mum!


Sorry, Miss Pinky! I did it out of the love I have for you! Besides, your stuffing is really yummy!


So, hope she lives! Please, friends, cross your paws for her!


Worried slobbers,